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 Re: 3rd lowest bidder... frustrated?
Posted by Luckydog on 6/19/19 3:29pm

Well.... it all gets traced right back to the LO. They didn't check the ID correctly, they didn't ask if they are married or still married, divorced, none of the pertinent questions asked or they just copy it from the last mortgage in case of a refi...The title company gets its info from them, the SS gets it from the title company. I had one not too long ago where he started the process single, and then got married and never changed the documents or told the LO, or he told the LO and nothing was changed now to have his wife sign as non-borrowing spouse and be on title...

I have to agree however, that the phone numbers should be correct, as the title company does call the borrower and should have that down to give to us or the SS correctly. Names should be correct and verified before those docs are printed as with vesting...When they are dealing with literally hundreds of closings a week, it's easy to let this happen and not catch it. But we do, and not our responsibility to be verifying this that should be done in the beginning. jmo
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