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 Re: Affidavits for Unemployment Insurance
Posted by Moneyman/TX on 5/1/21 10:47am

Unless you are an attorney or your state allows a notary to draft documents such as an Affidavit, why should such a request be any different than any other GNW notary requests?

Unless you know the person personally and/or know that what they are stating in their Affidavit is false, it seems that if you, as a notary, preform your job correctly, any such request would seem to carry the exact same level of "potential for fraud" as every other notary act you would preform.

Unless there is something I am missing, I don't see a valid reason to refuse to offer your services to someone requesting your services for a request such as you have described. Then there is also the issue, imo, of making someone in such a situation basically jump through extra hoops, basically, just because they are not currently employed.

I know a few states do allow notaries to refuse service without having to provide any reason (outside of any ID or obviously fraudulent issues of course). I don't know if OR is one of those states. If so, then while I might not refuse such a request, you would be well within your rights to do so.
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