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 Re: Cold outside signings with ridiculous slow folks -venting
Posted by Eric Roller on 11/20/20 6:40pm

I had one today where the guy was a Vet with one arm and he was pretty cool and wanted to get it over with was an obscenely large package and he insisted on doing it outside in the wind on his dirty Lanai table where we get tons of pollen dust daily. I went into his kitchen and grabbed his windex and paper towels and got er done for signing.
This guy was like your signer.
He took about 5 minutes to sign his name on every page.
It reminded me of the Dudley Moore movie where he picked up Liza Minelli on the street and took her to his girlfriend's house and requested a martini from the butler (who was about 150 years old...) and the guy comes in the room with the martini and he takes 15 minutes to walk 10 feet and Dudley Moore keeps getting up to grab the martini...well, you get the picture.
the reason I am telling you all this is that we have all had clients that take MINUTES to sign their drives me NUTS....I don't care about the readers..they have that's the SLOW scribblers.
Had to vent here..this client of mine was a terrific guy...just a s l o w h a n d....and he wasn't Clapton

I am thankful to y'all...this venue has been my school for the past 4 years and for that I am appreciative

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