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 Re: Colorado Notary Question-SE Tax
Posted by LJCA on 2/4/19 7:57pm

Thought this was an intriguing question so I went to CO state website. The link below on CO state had some great information.
Check out A8 & Q11

Q8. What information should be recorded in my journal?

A8. You must record at the time of the notarization:
1. The date of the notarial act.
2. The type of notarial act (oath, affirmation, acknowledgement, etc.),
3. Description or title of record (deed, POA, etc.),
4. Name and address of each individual signer and witness,
5. Signature of signer and any witnesses,
6. If the identity of the signer is based on personal knowledge, a statement to that effect,
7. If the identity of the signer is based on “Satisfactory Evidence,” a brief description of the method of ID (credible witness or acceptable ID) and the type of ID presented, and
8. Fee charged, if any.
A notary may also record any other related information deemed necessary.

Q11. Can I list multiple signers on one notarial certificate?

A11. If multiple signers appear before the notary at the same time, the names may appear on the same certificate. Because there are multiple signers, separate entries must be made in the journal for each signer.

(1) "the date of notarial act" (singular)
(4) "each individual signer" must be recorded in a notaries journal
(I noticed that Colorado only used singular, never plural(s) in their writings.
Instead of using the terminology "each signature", they use the word "each individual signer" (singular).

11. Number 11 pretty much speaks for its self. They give you permission to have multiple names on one certificate but "each individual signer" must be entered into the journal for each (A8(1)notarial act .

Looks to me like you can use one notary certificate for multiple signers but you much record in your journal each notarial act. So each individual signer can be charged $5 for every time each individual signer, signs for each notarial act. (I am giggling right now cause that last sentence was a tongue twister and we need to keep a little humor).

**One Certificate, two names on certificate, two signers, two notarial acts.

This information is on the CO state website. No UPL here :-) but please ask an attorney!!

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