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 Re: Correct re Trustee/Estate. Not quite correct re Medicare.
Posted by Sonja on 5/13/05 8:00pm

Have you ever heard the old saying.... "If you have your health, you have everything"?
You obviously don't know how much it costs to be in an intensive care unit -- you could go through $250,000.00 in two weeks easily. Nursing Home Care is also enormously expensive.

I'm glad you are in good health -- hope you don't get really sick.

Most people want to be able to leave something to their offspring. However, not everyone has offspring either --- so each persons situation will be different.

Trusts can be an option for some people -- depends on their situations.
In my opinion they can be useful. And if a person really wants to leave the old homestead (which is an asset) to the offspring --- why not let them, they worked for it all their life.

I don't know about you but, I've paid my share of Fed Taxes and Medicare taxes through out the years.

I'm glad that you are a very wealthy person, and can provide for yourself no matter what may happen.

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