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 Funny I had same exact issue tonight
Posted by SReis on 7/22/21 9:59pm

Wife with maiden name on both DL & Passport. Tried to give me SS & marriage cert as bank told them that should suffice (insert eyeroll). Explained that would not work per our notary law. Was on hold with title over 50min asking if I could add an AKA to docs to cure the issue but title rep couldnt get a clear answer and I had to say forget it I can't wait any longer. Husband was NOT happy. Also said they had signed multiple times before without issue. I said well some ppl do their jobs and follow the law and others don't, I for one am not willing to risk my law or notary license. Most frustrating thing was that the parties blamed covid for not getting new DL but their marriage cert said they were married in 2015. C'mon!
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