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 Re: I would just love, love, love to know how many six-digit
Posted by  JanetK_CA on 11/6/19 2:16pm

The history and details are all available if you dig back a few years, but the short, generic answer is that he used to be affiliated in some way (I don't recall) with a guy who ran a signing service in San Diego. (Try searching HVR, Hector Vides - who's apparently now doing taxes, Mark Willis, etc. You'll probably find a ton.) That ss went out of business owing a bunch of people lots of money (after he spent a bundle on travel and living large). BTW, a Google search will include lots of stuff posted on this forum & may work even better than the search feature here.

Willis is now making money by heavily promoting his classes with very exaggerated claims. Bottom line, IMO, is that few of us trust his integrity or ethics. As a result, I wouldn't trust his teaching, either.
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