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 SS&TC Research Our Industry-We are Certified for God's Sake
Posted by bygrace/PA on 6/21/12 6:33pm

SS & TC Research Our Industry-Your Certified for God's Sake
Posted by bygrace/PA of PA on 6/21/12 4:01pm Msg #424262

I agree with Buddy all the way. I am a CNSA/TEA (LLC) and I also have another LLC as a Business Consultant.

Let me offer this piece of information in Industry Analysis by Sharon Olsten author of Modern Competitive Analysis:

By lowering prices just a little the business can increase its market, thus
increase its own profits. The business may well believe that it cut prices in
this way without upsetting the overall industry but, if enough businesses (thats
you CNSA) yield/submit to this temptation (behavior), the market price willl
drift down and the industry will be threatened (e.g. lowball fees offered to
most of us "Certified" Notary Professional). Intense (rivalry)
amongst firms/companies (CNSA/TEA's vs CNSA/TEAs) in an industry reduces
"average profitability"

Total profits in an industry are greater with coordination than without (aka the CNSA/TEA collective consciousness)

In closing, Let's not forget about Geographical Location, Costs of Living, Cost of Supplies/Material, CEU's, Gas costs, Safety of the Notary (especially late night signings) etc.
LS Prices/fee charges, $$$ Premium Fee Charges for Late night signings are especially appropriate for (our---not their) Profession.

Keep in mind that a fee in Wyoming for CNSA's (will not) work for say a NY CNSA's. It is
for the Professional who is "Certified"--->that's right your not just any Notary.... to know
their Industry and worth and set fees accordingly.

***SS, TC etc....just need to do a little more homework on their end about
our industry.....wouldn't you say----btw, this last remark only applies to
the SS, TC, etc companies who has succeeded and try to continue to drive down
our CNSA/TEA Market with low fee assignments in order to eat like fat rats!!
(You know who you are....even if you do show up in this forum as a trojan
horse bashing other CNSA's like a spoiled brat)

I too have been successful with re-negotiating SS,TC Contracts to "match my company
fee schedule" per my LLC Operating Agreement. I know my worth and for all the SS, TC
companies that continue to pay me well company thank you and respects you as well because of it. As any customer service department would have it....I'll keep applying those discounts to your company for repeat business. I love it, when the relationship works!!!!!....Blessings All
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