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 Re: ah the beach!
Posted by  JanetK_CA on 6/29/20 3:18pm

It may feel like a whole different world, but those people may come in contact with other people who may have come in contact with someone who just traveled from who knows where. If I were you and had a husband dealing with cancer, I think I'd insist that everyone wear a mask - even outdoors. Blame it on your husband, play on their sympathy, do whatever it takes...

The latest stuff I've read says that these days they believe the primary spread is via airborne aerosol droplets. Being outside helps a lot, but I've read some droplets can remain airborne for hours - and the longer you're in their vicinity, the more the risk increases, even if it's very low to start. In your situation, I might even invest in a big box of disposal masks and make them available to anyone who doesn't have one. You may not have any problem with a very low 'viral load' exposure and might not ever notice any symptoms. However, if your husband is immunosuppressed, he may not be able to tolerate any exposure at all.

Just sayin'... Best wishes to you both!
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