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 Re: although I am still not going out......
Posted by  JanetK_CA on 11/22/20 8:34pm

LOL!! Sounds like a plan!

I'm still doing all my signings outdoors. I haven't run into any resistance until today, with a couple I've signed before (just prior to the stay-at-home orders). He was very abrupt on the phone when I confirmed, so I didn't go into the usual confirmation routine.

When I got there, at first he said they didn't have any surface outside, but fortunately his wife showed up and reminded him they have a glass table. (Eyeroll...) I told him I was often around lots of people and that I'm in two high-risk groups (only partly true...), so he agreed. Turned out the table was perfect, as was the weather. BTW, that conversation was done on his front porch. I didn't make a move to come in until we'd resolved the issue (quickly and amiably, thank goodness).

As we get further into the winter months (such as they are here...), I'm taking it day by day, but Covid is spiking way too fast for me to get complacent. I respect Di's decision to stay home. Other than notary appointments and necessities (like groceries, which I do as quickly as possible), I'm staying home. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, to some extent, for whenever vaccines finally become widely available, but even if that's another 6-9+ months, it's worth it to me to stick it out.
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