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 Re: how does this happen?
Posted by  JanetK_CA on 7/14/19 3:14pm

Just for the record, a seller's market in one area doesn't mean that it's a seller's market in another. I don't really know what the market is here now, but it's probably very much in flux. I'm probably within 25 miles of notarydi, so I'd guess it isn't too different in her area.

One clue to me is that units in my condo complex used to get snapped up within a matter of days (sometimes with bidding wars), yet I've seen at least one (possibly others) on the market for months now. I don't know what other factors may be influencing that, but when I see more than one lingering, it tells me that the market is going through changes. [We're kind of in the sweet spot for affordability/amenities for this area, so it's always seemed like a good indicator to me. But I'm certainly no expert!]

As for the situation with notarydi's neighbor, I don't know enough to comment, but I'd want to know who their realtor is so that I don't ever use them! I think I'd be pretty upset.
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