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 Re: FL notaries: New certificate requirement
Posted by  VT_Syrup on 6/18/19 6:52pm

Laureen/LA, I guess your point is if we don't see an original document, what's the point of the notary attesting the copy? Why would that be any better than the person who has the copy just making a copy of it without any sort of certification?

I could think of a few cases it might be useful. The notary could describe where the copy is stored; if it were stored in the president's office of a corporation, or in the files of a medical practice, it might be significant. Also, for copyright purposes, it can be useful to show that certain wording had been composed on (or before) the date of the notarization.

I only have to worry about it until July 1; that's when Vermont notaries loose the authority to certify copies.
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