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You Have To Know How To Run Your Business
Posted by  Scriba/NM of NM on 8/21/19 4:15pm Msg #609496
What I see here are some people who don't know HOW to run a business. You are in business. Hopefully, you have set standards, and must operate within the parameters you set for yourself. Who you will work for and who you won't. How much you will accept. How far you will travel and so on.

You don't go willy-nilly and bounce off the walls and wring your hands because of no docs. Your appointment is set for 7:00 PM. You need docs by say, 5:00 PM (a standard BARE minimum). If no docs arrive, you call (whomever your signing is from) and advise that you are canceling due to "no documents." If no answer, send them an email.

Then, you call the borrower and tell them that you will not be able to come because you have nothing to sign. It's that simple. Tell them to call their Loan Officer - he IS the responsible person, and that's it. Let the LO duke it out with (his company or) the title company over poor performance. Not your job.

(Now, of course you don't HAVE to call the borrower, but YOU did verify the time, date and location with them. If you didn't, then you're not doing your job). This is polite business, but business nevertheless. You lose some, and you gain others, it's just the way it works out. You MUST set standards and then follow them. I think that Cheryl and others would agree.
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