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Collection for Paul Williamson
Posted by  BrendaTx of TX on 7/22/11 10:56am Msg #390667
My name is Brenda Stone and I have been a poster here for a long time.

Sylvia is undoubtedly swamped right now, so I am going to get the ball moving and suggest that anyone who would like to provide funds via account to send to Paul's wife should send it via to

That's Notaries 4 paul w @

I thought that I would collect for a week, and the probably get the check to her on the following week.

When someone is in the hospital there are tons of expenses for the person going and coming.

I feel that this is a kindest way that to show Paul's wife how valuable that he was to US.

I know that he would be so touched it if she got an outpouring of our collective small offerings and a list of all the people who contributed (no amount listed) to see how beloved her husband was.

Your amount will be confidential, but I will list your name unless you say that I should not. I was waiting for Sylvia's input but I will go forward because people are starting to ask and want to collect. I am hopeful that Sylvia will present this money to Ann.

If you need someone to vouch for me, I think a few of the old timers will.

This message was posted with permission of Harry & Traci / NR.

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