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S/S comment from bank LO
Posted by Signerbill of CA on 7/8/19 1:04pm Msg #608242
A.M. signing at bank where the client was a little late. Talking to the LO who said that they [most of her dist. br], were starting to take their signings in-house. Where they shied away from having a Notary on staff before, they were re-thinking it. Had to ask.... She said that the number of issues and lack of professionalism they were getting thru the S/S was leading to more complaints. She related a list of Notaries just thru her branch,,, NO understanding of the documents, dressed like they slept in their clothes, language barrier, brought their kids (little) with them to sit and color in the lobby,,, etc., etc. I did mention that you can request a Signing Agent from your S/S if you like someone... said they tried that but it's like a 1 in 10 chance to happen.
SO... if you start to see your Branch signings drop off, this could be the reason.
Best part was the client shows up and we both laughed... I signed him on Friday for another property, at his home, wondered why he needed to come to the bank for this one...
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