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Re: All Purpose Acknowledgment in a loan package
Posted by BearPaw/CO of CO on 7/16/19 11:33am Msg #608453
You said "most" of your loan packages have this blank APA. But most of mine don't. It just depends on the lender. As a new signing agent, you said you get nervous when you see them. I've been around forever, and I'm still a little startled when I see one. I wonder if they expect me to notarize the preceding doc, which almost always turns out is never notarized; but then, think about the post from a few days ago when Sue got kicked around because she didn't notarize a rider (which are never notarized but was followed by 2 blank acks). Msg #608355. This shows we're hired to be mind readers. Yikes.

But like others who posted here, either just return them blank or collect them for your own use later. If you actually do use one, but sure to write at the bottom something like: This certificate is attached to Blah Blah Blah (title of doc), dated such and such (if the doc has a date); of so many pages, or anything else you might want to make sure it stays with the correct doc. If your state requires a journal or you keep one, make a note. I always jot down "LL" for Loose Leaf certificate if anybody ever asks (nobody ever has). These certificates are your property, so to speak, and you're the boss when it comes to filling them out and making sure they go with the correct doc. Also, many of these blank acks are for state specific use (like CA).

Anyway, this is probably more than you ever wanted to know, BUT, also, if you're just not sure what the lender/TC wants, don't be shy about calling your hiring party and asking: Do you want such and such doc notarized or is this a courtesy APA for "just in case"? That way you're covered. And thanks for coming to NR as a new signing agent and asking a smart question!
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