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Re: New notary in NC
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 7/17/19 7:04pm Msg #608495
I wouldn't quit your day job for this, but if you must you will need the following:
High-speed laser printer, duel trayW/ legal sized copy bed, scanner, fast computer, case of letter, 1/2 case of legal, blue pens, a few black pens, briefcase, fed ex and UPS envelopes and poly paks, office equipment, logbooks (if state req.), GPS, cell phone, business cards, and be on call 24/7. After all of that spend about 6 hours a day and market high rated companies in hopes they call you. After they do, you have to vet them to make sure they pay. Unless you have over 1,000 closings, it's really hard to break-in with a good-paying, reliable paying companies. We just simply are not that busy and most of us have a decade on you of experience. Our profession is full of non-paying SS's, so be careful. Good luck!
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