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Loan App Signings (No Notarization) What to expect-
Posted by ChattNotary of TN on 7/19/19 4:09pm Msg #608555
I normally don't take $50 travel jobs from Snapdocs or any other companies that message me, but this one was an application only, 36 pages and the guy's house is less than a mile from my office. It's a slow day so why not?

They send me the 8 pages of everything I have to do and collect and how they can reduce my fee by not following directions. I emailed and asked if the client had been informed of the copies of documents (bank statements, ID's, Insurance papers, etc) that he was supposed to have for me. I never got a response on THAT question.

So I get to the guy's house and he didn't have ANYTHING even remotely ready as no one had told him that I needed to collect certain documentation from him. I sat around almost an hour while he gathered paperwork. Then I find out that the loan originator will not take pictures taken from my phone, so I had to drive back to my office, make copies, return the originals, do the scan backs and now have to drop off the package at FedEx.

Basically I've put in 3+ hours for what I make doing a 10 minute hospital signing.

Is it typical for these "Loan app only" gigs to be like this? Do they typically NOT have copies of docs ready to hand the notary? Are you taking a laptop and flatbed scanner to people's houses to do it for them?

If they can hand me 8 pages of how they will reduce my fee for screw ups, how do we tack on added charges for when they fail to inform clients of requirements or when they say "Oh no, it's not a VA's only about 40 pages" and it ends up being a VA loan and 330 pages long?

Seems like all the "about 40 pgs" packages I'm getting lately are pushing 80-100.

Rant over. Thank you :-)
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