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Welcome to school of hard knocks...
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 7/19/19 5:01pm Msg #608558
A better way to learn is from "OPE" or "Other People's Experience". I've learned to anticipate some of these issues from reading about other notaries' experiences with app signings here on this forum. (Have you tried searching on related topics via Google and the Search feature here?)

Some examples: First, I rarely if ever reduce my fees for app signings because of things like what you described. Next, when I confirm the appointment, I ask the signer if they've received a list of what documents the lender has asked them to collect. Maybe it's because I'm so picky with who I work for (or only the good ones will meet my fees?), but so far, that's not been an issue for me. The answer has almost always been yes, and I've been lucky with them being ready when I arrive. If the answer was no and I couldn't reach my client, I might provide them the list myself, either orally or some other way. I always tell them when confirming (whether or not I have that info yet) that they MUST have those documents collected before our appointment - so that may have a lot to do with it, too.

Not sure what 'pictures' LO wanted, but if you're talking about copies of docs the BO collected, I wouldn't want that info on my phone, especially non-public personal info, like copies of ID, etc. Also, it's typically their responsibility to make copies. I HAVE run into situations where the lender wanted originals and claimed they'd be returned to the BO. But for me to make copies, scan and then GO BACK to return originals? No way, unless I'm getting paid for an extra trip. But that's never even come up in my experience.

And yeah, nearly all app signings I've agreed to do were roughly in the 80 page range, so it helps to expect that and negotiate accordingly.

One last thought on collecting documents. If a company sent me a confirmation with a long list of things I was supposed to collect along with threats to doc my fee for "not following directions", but that info wasn't provided to the person I was to visit, and then no one at that co was reachable, I think I'd turn back that assignment asap. To me, it sounds like holding us accountable for the potential borrowers' actions. In the very beginning of the process, the person I'm supposed to meet with may not even have decided for sure they want that loan, so I'm not going to be their chump. As many of us have learned, there are some LOs out there who will try almost anything to get a loan closed.

Others may feel differently, but I've been at this a long time and I try to avoid letting myself be put into situations where I'm going to feel taken advantage of or underpaid. That approach has done wonders for my stress levels... Wink
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