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Re: Safety app, new to me! Citizen traces COVID-19 and crimes
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 8/1/20 10:12am Msg #622627
Why would anyone who has COVID participate in using this? They should be quarantined, if not and running around in public, I am pretty sure they don't want to be tracked or sign up with that to keep a bullseye on their back. Just another way big brother is tracking your moves, where you go and what you do. They are data-mining you and selling your info, and tossing in the hot spot zip codes to make you feel like it's working to keep you using the app. jmo

Lets face it, everyone in CA, FL and TX are exposed several times a day if you go shopping or surrounded by others, just be careful and treat everyone as a potential threat. Just because you are exposed doesn't mean you are going to get it if you wear a mask and wash your hands, hold your breath. lol
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