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Re: Anyone Leasing a Printer?
Posted by Golden State Settlements - Notary of CA on 4/6/21 1:23pm Msg #631035
Way to expensive to lease. I ended up purchasing a used Xerox Versalink B7035 for about $2,000 out the door on Amazon. This photocopier is the way to go. I can get about 30,000 copies per toner cartridge (cost about 103.00 per) and I can pump out the copies and print two sets usually in about 10 minutes. Scanning back is also awesome with this thing and it works fast.

My previous printer was a Canon with two drawers and I would only get about 5,000 copies max per cartridge which cost about 100 bucks as well. This printer would only scan about 10 pages at a time and took me about an hour to load and scan each set of 10 pages.

All in all, I wasted my money on the canon printer (about 600.00) and wish I would have just bit the bullet and bought the photocopier instead. I try to do about 3 signings per day, I couldn't even do that with the Canon printer as i would spend most of my time at the printer.
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