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Office Of The Great Seal said.........
Posted by Maureen - MI of ? on 5/11/05 1:30pm Msg #37138

I spoke with the Office Of The Great Seal just a few minutes ago. First I spoke with a lady named Rose, she then had me talk to Robin at the Office Of The Great Seal.
Robin (who has been at the Office Of The Great Seal for 2 years) stated that there is NOT a color that has to be used. The Office Of The Great Seal "recommends" using "BLUE INK" - - this is only a recommendation and is Not required. They only recommend Blue Ink because, you can tell the difference between the photo copies and the original.
Even our stamps (with our name, when our commission expires, acting in County of ___ etc.) don't have to be a certain color.
Robin said to refer everyone to MCL 55.287 -- which is in reference to "Signature of Notary Public" - which does NOT stipulate any color whatsoever.
Robin also stated that no one can impose requirements on Notaries that aren't in the Acts.
She also stated that Oakland County Register Of Deeds is breaking the Law, by telling the Notary to use certain color ink.

As we all know, Notaries can't draw up the documents -- so if there is a requirement for the documents..... we as Notaries are not concerned with that part (up to the Lenders etc.).

So, that's the info I got from the State Of Michigan.

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