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BobbieCT Can You Please Clarify Something . . .
Posted by  PegiT_MN of MN on 7/16/19 2:58pm Msg #608461
I pretty much understood most of your post . . . "picking up" = accepting an assignment for a loan application signing.

"if your state requires licensing to ""take"" a loan application, be careful what you say when ""picking up"" a loan application for a lender or loan officer". I pretty much interpret this to mean . . . point and sign . . . we don't answer any questions because we are not licensed.

My question is this . . . is this lender using unlicensed mortgage sales people (notaries) to just point and sign, or are they asking the notary to actually fill out the application with the borrower, answer questions, etc.? We should strictly be point and sign on loan applications.

Is the lender local, regional, or nationwide?

Thank you.

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