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On another topic
Posted by  ikando of OK on 7/17/19 11:42am Msg #608483
On 7/14, LuckyDog, in his response to a post about a buyer insisting that the seller complete the sale at a lesser amount than originally agreed to, said: "The seller can sell at any price reasonable they want (bidding wars), it's not up to the buyer to determine the price they feel they want."

Doesn't that same sentiment apply to NSAs? We are the sellers of our services. When the buyers of that service insist that the fee they want to pay is less than we need to be paid for our survival, is that really acceptable?

I know many will respond that you gotta take what they offer. I disagree with that sentiment. This is a market that is challenged in many ways, the RON factor included. But because the human factor is still required at some point, while the pickin's may be slim at times, it's best in the long run to stand your ground. Your value is in your person, not in the paperwork.
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