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Re: Personal Safety while working
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 7/17/19 1:42pm Msg #608489
Realtor's meet someone off the street and take them to an empty house, we do not. They will hold their Driver's license until they return, however, no BGC has ever been done, could be a fake license, who knows.

We are the LAST STEP of closing a loan, the buyers have been vetted, their names run through a worldwide database for terrorism, title work done, all their information gathered and all their info out there.
Probably the riskiest is a seller where it's a fast process, but seriously, out of all the public careers out there, I feel we are pretty safe.

Truth has it, we are probably safer closing at borrowers home (besides a slip and fall accident) than a bank which has a higher risk of being robbed. jmo

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