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Posted by Luckydog of FL on 7/20/19 11:09am Msg #608569
Sorry can't help you, nobody has asked for a fax in 10 years from me. It all goes to email anyway. Did you ask if you can scan it instead? "Faxbacks" is such a loose term, just as the cancel by "telegram" on the RTC.
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 Does OP mean Outgoing fax? n/m -  jojo_MN on 7/22/19 10:52am
 Or maybe 'faxback'? Depends on dpi used, ime n/m - Lee/AR on 7/22/19 11:33am
 depends on your equipment, settings and maybe ISP - sigtogo/OR on 7/22/19 3:01pm
 If you are referring to the NR fax server I have never had a - Colonel/IA on 7/23/19 5:25pm
 Re: If you are referring to the NR fax server I have never had a -  walthtz on 7/25/19 9:53am

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