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ZigSig: how it works, direct from owner
Posted by  Yoli/CA of CA on 6/11/24 2:03pm Msg #648637
I've never worked with ZigSig. I am in their data base but didn't really know how they operate (except for what's stated in their website). So on 6/6th via email, I asked the owner, Adam Babish. Here's his reply I received on 6/10th:

"Hi Yolanda! We use a scoring system and your profile needs to be completed at a minimum in order to get offers. Other notaries have ranked up so they get offers first before lower-scored notaries. 

How does Zigsig work?  
ZigSig is a technology platform that helps connect title companies and lenders to notaries for closings. 
Is a notary contacted via blast communication, i.e. email or text, on a first-come-gets-job basis?  
-Offers are sent via SMS and email. We send offers one at a time (about every 30 seconds) and the first notary that responds they are available likely gets assigned. Occasionally clients setup the assign method to manually choose from notaries who have responded with availability. 

Does a hiring party (phone) call a notary directly?  
-Occasionally they will follow up with a call but most frequently offers are sent via SMS or email. 

Does notary receive payment directly from hiring party or does hiring party pay Zigsig and then Zigsig pays notary?  
-The hiring party pays ZigSig and we in turn release an ACH payment one day after we process payment."

Given the above response and based on TxFox's experience of non-payment and TxFox's posting of having contacted Independence Title (I guess that was her hiring party), I would strongly suggest TxFox contact Independence Title's leadership (head honchos) and demand payment. Here's their contact info: Give them "x" days to respond to your inquiry and provide payment by "x" date. If they say they've paid ZigSig, ask them to provide proof of payment. Failure to pay by such deadline will result in filing a complaint against them with Texas Department of Insurance (their governing agency). Here's that info: AND FOLLOW THROUGH.

[Trying to get you paid, TxFox. I'm strongly opposed to theft of services.]

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