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Re: SD: Okay, I
Posted by Laureen/LA of LA on 6/18/19 2:59pm Msg #607600
I completely agree that it is working practically for free. With the cost of paper and mileage and tax, what's left is less than we'd make on a day job. The worst of it is that it's impossible to budget your finances week to week let alone month to month in this sort of business because we can't know how busy we will or won't be day to day. I've always found that a self employed career requires healthy influxes of compensation just to compensate for the ebb and flow of productivity which is why a person pours time and money into acquiring the expertise and setting up their office equipment in the first place. I have to hope that it's a temporary situation where the people snapping the lowball offers up will find that they aren't even making a living and will go get a day job and the Lenders will begin turning away from the SS that is farming out their loans to people who are trying to learn on the job at the Lender's expense, e.g. having to kick it back for a redo. It's just a matter of time the way I see it. Unfortunately time is also money..
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