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Re: SD: Okay, I
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 6/18/19 3:16pm Msg #607602
Well, the people who snap up the low ball offers should not affect us who do not. It doesn't affect nor bother me.

Let's face it...
We have two levels of NSA's here...those who have a red line drawn to make a profit and keep their great customers happy and those who take everything and wait over 30 days to get paid for taking everything making, no one happy including themselves.

I don't see the low ball offers much any longer, I don't care who takes them, and if they do come through, good for them, I block them as "not" to see them. Those companies could offer me 3x as much and still I will decline. I would never know they are blocked. Low payer's = slow payer's 99% of the time.

We have newbies and we have the experienced. We have those who have to make a profit as a sole income and those who go for the spending money and something to do as a second income. That will never change.

Been in this business for 14 years and nothing has changed. Many of the companies I onced worked are now out of business, changed lanes,who knows where they went and what happened to them. My goal is to have about 35 great companies, and be available for them. When you start lowering your standards accepting everything below that red line, your good clientele move on and find someone who is available and better.

Everyone has to work their own business model. Mine is to work smarter, not harder and get that #1 position for my area. It's not all about me, it's about the companies I work for front and center, and a combination of all of us that makes it work well and get that respect and that respectable offer.
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