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Divorce, notary style
Posted by GOLDGIRL/CA of CA on 7/21/11 11:06pm Msg #390564
Idiots like your ex-SS are what is driving this profession into the ground. $200-$250 notary fees are not that uncommon at all on a HUD today- although we usually have to split that with the SS. Now we have these huge conglomerate SSs competing for all the business, claiming they can do it for less and less (think LSI) - and the "less" comes out of our hides.

Then they add insult to injury and expect you to fax back "copies of the signed loan documents"! And act like they're breaking the bank to pay you a lousy $100. Yikes! Reading the e-mail exchange, it looks like the SS just wants to impress its "high profile" clients with instant results by expecting you to fax fack ... for FREE (this is after already cutting your fee)! Gimmee a break.

You did what I would have done, JD. Kicked them to the curb. We don't need this! Don't look back. I know you won't.

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