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Notary Cloud BEWARE!!
Posted by Deborah P. Berry of ME on 5/16/18 11:24am Msg #593320
The company contacts you to do a signing and says the package is about 200 pages for $150, and they are desperate for a notary to get this done. Turns out there is the preliminary application of 80+ pages that needs to be initialed and signed--all of them! Then, the VA loan re-fi closing package itself is an additional 120+ page. That makes up the 200+ page packet that needs to be printed twice! The borrower and his wife were handicapped and the entire signing took 2.5 hours PLUS it was an 80 mile drive round trip. I submitted an invoice as requested and added an additional $75. for the additional time involved with the VA loan re-fi. They promise payment within 30 days, but that did not happen! Just called and got a rude woman who said that she would tell someone I called looking to be paid, but they would not pay the extra $75. This was a VA loan and the couple had not been counseled as required. The wife asked me to explain the term Escrow to her. I should report this outfit to the government. Nothing professional or ethical about this outfit at all!
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