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Much Talk - Means Nothing - What Professionals Do
Posted by  Scriba/NM of NM on 4/22/19 1:33am Msg #605650
A professional signing agent will use his brain. You receive a call. You ASK questions. If you don't, you are doing a disservice to yourself as can be seen from previous posts. This is not the age or the job for a naive person. Effectively, you have yourself to blame for NOT asking questions - ALWAYS!

A call: I get numerous signing calls - I ask WHEN it is for, the TIME it is for. Then I ask WHERE it is (I personally know my zipcodes). Then I ask WHAT it is (Refi, RM, Sale, Purch, SBA). Then I ASK if there are scanbacks/faxbacks. THEN.......I quote my price. Again, as I always state - this is NOT rocket science. By the way, I don't always get every assignment because I do not stupidly accept basement fees.

Now, there are TWO THINGS you need to look at. NOT JUST the confirmation. Look at the instructions INSIDE the loan package. Many times there are scanback instructions INSIDE the loan package. On occasion I have had clerks rushing through confirmations and they MISS the faxback/scanback instructions inside the loan pack. You STILL have a duty to THOROUGHLY read ALL instructions and comply with them. If you are not sure, CALL THEM AND ASK!

If I get one of those email blasts, I'll call them back to negotiate a PROPER fee and FIND OUT everything about the signing to be completed. YOU are the service provider. YOU set the fee. Or YOU can continue to be taken advantage of - it's up to you.
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