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Re: Beware of United Debt Counselors
Posted by ProntoGirl of OH on 6/19/19 11:16am Msg #607651
Express Notary Service expnotary dot com Has the EXACT same paperwork.
A gal I met at my Chamber called me about a notary going to her friend's house to sign a debt resolution. She wanted to know if I could do it instead of this other notary. I told her I don't do them and told her what we know, etc. I told this person that she should go to her friend's house if possible. This woman is in her 80's also.

A day later, the same gal called me because she wanted to show me the paperwork. Yes, the notary left it there along with all the instructions. So I met her and I simply could not believe it. There is a page where the notary has to sign saying the person is "coherent"! There is a two page script that it said "must be read". And it's all about how the notary is representing the company. And there was another instruction page that stated the notary needed to sign as "presenter" all over the place.

The payment plan was off the charts ridiculous.
I'm just glad this woman knew that I am around. The older lady was considering calling the company to ask the notary to come back. What a terrible shame. Other elderly people will not be so lucky.
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