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Anyone else frustrated?
Posted by Kellosh/CA of CA on 6/19/19 2:47pm Msg #607668
I think about half my signings these days arrive on my desk with misinformation or missing information. i.e. Of my four today, two had errors. In the first, Title gave me the phone number for the brother of the signer (who, for some reason, still confirmed the appointment and address, even though he lives thirty miles away it turns out). For the second, Title gave me both the wrong phone number and the wrong address. Luckily the phone number was of the signer's spouse, who relayed the message, but the address is 15 miles away from the one where I accepted the signing (which is only three blocks from my home office, the whole reason I took it.) I know this industry requires a lot of moving parts to function quickly, but I'm getting frustrated by how much I'm having to compensate for sloppy title mistakes.
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