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Mobile-ing smarter tips and tricks?
Posted by Kellosh/CA of CA on 7/9/19 12:57am Msg #608260
Now that I'm a full-time NSA after a decade as a part-timer, I'm looking for ways to be more effective and efficient. I recently got a locking briefcase that stays in my car with office supplies and blank certificates, and a mobile scanner so I can scan docs in between signings without having to drive back to my home office. But I'm currently daydreaming about getting a different car (I currently have a midsized SUV) that I can set up an actual mobile office in the back of, i.e. a small commercial van or minivan. My other side hustle is as a writer, so sometimes when I have too little time to make sense going back home and I have an hour or so in between appointments, I'll write. I can do this with a desk, or even go to a coffee shop (where I would spend money and gain calories, something else I'm trying to limit), I have this vision of just going into my mobile office space and getting stuff done. Would also be great to have a desk space when organizing/scanning documents.

Anyone made modifications to their vehicles or have any tools or tricks you find useful when working out of your car?
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