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Bumping Into Walls - People are missing the point.
Posted by  Scriba/NM of NM on 7/11/19 5:40pm Msg #608337
You don't say you are "Only the Notary." You ARE a Notary, but you are governed by certain rules. You are NOT an insect or sub-species, you are a Notary and you have a specific function.

Moving on, 99% of these calls are from people whose loved ones are in the hospital, an assisted care facility, or in hospice. Yes, it may be the last minute, but that's not your fault either - people wait until the last minute. You simply refer callers to the Patient Care Coordinator, Patient Social Services Director or the person designated by the facility that the patient is in to help patients. If there is no hospital, etc., them to Legal Aid who are experienced and know who to refer them to.

People who are intelligent Notaries, are prepared for everything, and that includes referring callers to appropriate individuals or organizations for help. THEY make the recommendations, and this relieves you of any responsibility you don't need or want to assume, yet you are helping in your own way.

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