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The helicopter signing
Posted by Lee/AR of AR on 10/9/19 2:52am Msg #610917
Make turn off highway onto 'right road'...which is gravel, then 2 ruts with 3-4 ft. tall grass growing in the middle, trees start creeping toward car a mile or so in...and I'm really beginning to worry. Know I'm on the right road, but this is looking less promising by the minute. No place to turn around, tree branches scraping sides of car, no cell reception...nothing to do but keep on going. Finally spot a clear-cut high power line hillside area 1/2 mile ahead & hopefully can either call the B & get directions OR, at least, turn around to get back to civilization. I'm in luck; cell works! I call B & describe where I'm at and he says "You're fine...about another mile & a half...keep coming!" Ooookay. Now I'm barely creeping along at 5 mph, trying to figure out a 'path thru trees'. Round a curve to 'instant civilization' and there sits a huge 'mansion' with an incredible view of hills and river...and a guy waving me into driveway. I bail out of car and say "Wow...but how do you do your grocery shopping...a helicopter?" Guy says "Matter of fact, yes, that's it down there in the clearing." Viet Nam Vet chopper pilot.

Then there's the Macaw stomping back & forth in front of the kitchen patio doors and saying (very clearly) "I want to go outside. I want to go outside NOW! I want to see the sky. I want to feel the wind in my feathers. Outside, NOW! Please let me go outside." Just a running litany of this from one angry bird thru the whole signing.
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