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The Closing Group SS in 2019. G/B/U?
Posted by NK_UT of UT on 11/4/19 12:11pm Msg #611913
I looked in Signing Central and saw some existing threads. The company score is mid-range. All of the posts that I saw were from at least 2018 and most were older.

I just accepted a seller package from them, 68 miles round trip, $100.

I would normally have no issue at all with giving most companies at least one shot to work with, but this order came via email, and they are requesting that I update my credentials via email. That's a serious red flag in my book, as sending my own NPPI over unsecured email to an unfamiliar signing agency with no middle-man (like SD or SigningOrder) feels very questionable.

They do have a website that would be used to upload completed docs, but haven't provided login information for me to see if there is a way to upload my credentials via a secure portal.

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 The Closing Group SS in 2019. G/B/U? - NK_UT on 11/4/19 12:11pm
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 Re: The Closing Group SS in 2019. G/B/U? - Lee/AR on 11/4/19 3:18pm
 It's sop to update credentials via email or online now. n/m -  MW/VA on 11/4/19 3:18pm
 Re: The Closing Group SS in 2019. G/B/U? - NK_UT on 11/4/19 5:30pm
 Re: The Closing Group SS in 2019. G/B/U? -  JanetK_CA on 11/4/19 6:02pm
 About once a month, I get a call from them for $75 or name -  Cheryl Elliott on 11/5/19 7:22am
 credentials via email - Clem/CA on 11/5/19 8:50am
 Re: credentials via email -  VT_Syrup on 11/5/19 2:39pm

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