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Re: Village Capital Closings
Posted by schlub/NC of NC on 1/11/20 1:04pm Msg #614548
Just gonna play a little defense here.

I don't know anything about Village Capital.

Notary Cloud is on my ignore list, and I recommend that everyone add them to theirs.

But in regards to Signature Closers, I have done 38 signings for them the past two years, and they are great to work with. They tell you up front if the package is large, giving you the opportunity to price accordingly. My average total print for them has been 189 pages, barely over my average of 175 pages per signing. And, they pay like clockwork on the 5th of the month by direct deposit. All in all, a very good company to work with, although I could do without 15 emails for every closing I do for them (exaggerating, but only a little).

So whatever issues you may have with VC or NC, my experience with Signature makes me wonder if it is fair to lump the all together.
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