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Re: IMO, they
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 3/25/20 9:59pm Msg #617869
I guess each state is different. We have executive orders in place county by county, state by state stating who can work and those who cannot work.

Those who chose to work and are on "the list" can work. Simple. If you are not healthy or feel in the "at risk" category, stay home.

If everyone stayed home, there would be a whole bunch more problems in sanitation, getting food, loss of mail, trucks supplying stores, loss of medication, no gas, diseases coming from sanitation and other diseases because garbage is heaping, the waste treatment plants shut down. People can lose their homes, stop a sale, lose their rate lock. We are a vital role in the real estate industry and we can and allowed to work if we so chose to. GNW also needs to be strong for Trusts and estates and people getting their affairs in order.

Notaries are on the list of essential workers trained in best practices. It sort of sounds that because some chose to stay home, isolate, self-quarantine and lose money, all should stay home. That's not the case, and never has been the case.
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