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Date Change
Posted by  JerryhFL of FL on 7/4/20 10:59am Msg #621715
I have a loan closing on July 6th for a Quicken loan via Amrock. The documents all have a date already inserted as July 10th. I believe the reason for the 10th is the borrower is refinancing different property located in another state on the 10th.

Noting how lenders and title companies frown on changing any dates other than the notarial certificate I am torn as to what to do, ie, leave the pre-inserted date alone (other than the notarial certificate date) or change the date to reflect the signing date.

I have called Amrock about the situation and waiting on a response. I am leaving for another closing early on the 6th so I may or may not get revised documents if needed or a phone call before the closing.

What would you do?

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