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Absolutely NOT!
Posted by PegiT_MN of MN on 7/29/20 12:54pm Msg #622545
Anyone who feels the need to check a borrower's temperature before sitting down to sign needs to stay at home until after this pandemic is over.

I am NOT saying that anyone who does check temps is crazy, but the idea of it certainly is to me. We are not medical professionals . . . we are notaries.

If I was a borrower and some notary showed up at my house and decided to pull out their thermometer and take my temp before they would sit down to sign . . . I would not be pleased.

What do you consider a normal temp? What do you consider a fever? Is your thermometer reliable? What do you plan on doing if you feel borrower has a fever? What if you determine that borrower has a fever? Are you going to leave the closing? What if due to your actions no notary is able to close and borrower loses a rate lock, is unable to close on their loan, loses a sale or a purchase due to no fault of their own and it turns out they were not sick at all but had just drank a cup of hot coffee prior to your arrival? You just set yourself up for a gigantic law suit.

This is just my PERSONAL opinion.
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