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So what is your Covid screening script?
Posted by CH2inCA of CA on 7/29/20 2:13pm Msg #622552
And how committed are you?

I call the borrower to confirm, ask them if anyone in their household has been sick in the last two weeks.
I ask if they've come in contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid in the last two weeks as far as they're aware.
I tell them I will be wearing a mask and distancing 6' as much as possible.

The answers have been not sick and not exposed so far. But I wonder how committed I am to cancelling the signing if they say that they have been sick or that they have been exposed. I've had one client say they were told by inlaws that they 'may' have been exposed. We did the signing anyway, were very careful I didn't even handle the IDs they placed them on the table near me and I looked them over from there. The poor gent was spraying everything with Lysol as we worked! Luckily it was a hybrid and they'd done their part online before I got there.

As far as wearing a mask, I won't give in at all there, I WILL wear a mask until I get back to my car and slather my hands in sanitizer then remove the mask and place in trash-bag. (using disposable) But I have had one signer that was pretty belligerent about not wearing a mask, told him flat out I wasn't doing his signing and turned it back to the hiring party. Later he sent a text saying he was willing to wear a mask if we met at a park, but not on his property. Nope sorry--not sorry.

What's your MO?

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