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Re: Signature Name Affidavit OPINIONS please
Posted by GAMMYx3/MA of MA on 1/14/21 7:38am Msg #628510
thank you both for the vindication...that was the thought of both the signing company person who called me and myself. No instructions, no corresponding line for signature and that if they want them signed should redesign the form. I really feel bad for other notaries that she mentioned that she had to call. One was in Alaska with a 2 hour trek each way to get a single signature that we both felt was unnecessary. My signers at least were within 40 minutes round trip of me and were both on the same route.

Strangely this is the third one this month and the first one was a single man with TWO variations of this name Ken, Kenneth H, and Kenneth was the name on the paperwork. Funny this one has not come back to me as it CLEARLY had no signature lines for him to use. Checking my records I have done 5 Freedom Mortgage in the last 6 months and only these two have been brought to my attention.

SO to all notaries out there, beware of Freedom Mortgages Signature Name Affidavits..they want signatures for all variations of the name even if there is no line for them to sign on.
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