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Any one experiencing doubled booking of notaries for
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 5/1/21 9:10am Msg #631798
the same assignment? It happened to me yesterday, appointment was set a few days ahead of time, an Orange county title company set it up with me. I was at the borrowers' home 10 minutes early, greeted, and set up at the dining room table, well ventilated near the outdoor patio. The doorbell rings as we're reviewing their settlement statement and I'm handing them the wiring instructions. it was a second notary, who when told a notary was already present, expressed that she thought perhaps there were two properties to be executed.

Nope, I got there first and had the signing well underway. I felt bad, it has happened to me. Lately, borrowers have told me that another notary called them to confirm before I called, and they're wondering what's up. The schedulers must be going nuts trying to fill orders, then notaries figure out they don't really want the assignments they've accepted and turned them back.

Go figure! The last time this happened to me, where I walked away after printing, trip, and embarrassment, was when another notary was there to gather documents and get a loan application signed with a potential borrower. She had her notary journal all filled in and the borrower was signing and giving a thumbprint. Only there were no notarizations. I had to chuckle, so this is my competition. No worries, I was paid the full fee. I wondered if she was a cheaper, closer notary. Happened about five years ago.

Then there was the appointment at a Chase branch, three notaries showed up. The loan officer was aghast at what to do. One of the notaries immediately said she needed to go first since she was on her lunch hour. She took one-half hour to get through the documents. I went second with my package and she came back during my session to get six more signatures and initials from the client. All very unprofessional, she was wearing jeans as at her work it was casual Friday, and clearly not focused, in a rush, while chatting the client up about unrelated topics. The third notary and I rolled our eyes as we were in clear view/earshot of her dribble. The third notary was such a gentleman and deferred to me to take the second signing slot.

You gotta love this business sometimes.
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