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Re: Hmmm
Posted by Joy/AK of AK on 7/27/21 1:55pm Msg #633853
1st off we're in a super tiny town on an island in Alaska, so things aren't hard to find out. She's new, and I figured trying to get my business, while not knowing how things worked. She probably figured whoever stamped the docs got paid? The signer told me the name of the person who'd already called to confirm. I called title and they'd never heard of her, and said I was listed as the signing agent. I assumed she got it from SD because they have signings listed, but don't know for sure. She didn't say she was me, just that she was to be the notary. Title confirmed it was me and I did the signing fine. Maybe it was a double booking, but I've never had that happen before. $100 is a lot of money to me, a gallon of milk is almost $6 here. Your last statement is what I always assume it is, but try not to ASSume things, most of the time. This is just sore for me because a signing or two, every month or 2, isn't a lot of money. I testified against a pedophile when I was 8, who had me labeled as a false accuser (as if what he'd been doing to me and my brother wasn't bad enough), and I can't get a job here, because people will make things up to get me fired. I live in child hell, also known as pedophile heaven. Before you ask, I won't ditch the kids here, and my family is buried here, so I won't move. The pedophiles can move!!!! Persons can be smart, but people are stupid, blind, deaf, and have no memory beyond a day or so.
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