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Re: What platforms are RONs using?
Posted by PaigeTurner of AK on 5/19/22 2:25pm Msg #640126
They'd have to tell me how many notarizations before I could determine a price to do the math. It depends on the state the seller closing is in. HI and CA for example has many more documents than FL does. Too many variables to consider, but the bottom line is, that you pay the state each time you use your seal (where I live anyway), so you better be informed on how many times that is before you can give a fee. It's not one size fits most like now. You also have to save it somewhere and pay for that 10 years (even if out of business), and all your additional fees that are associated with RONS to take into consideration.
Since I would be a RON and have my own platform registered, I'd use that, and certainly not pay in addition to the above fees to use someone else's platform because of convenience. Do all platforms have a place to save and consolidate closings into 1 place electronically? IDK.
If you are looking at a figure, I'd say $200.00 would cover it without forehand knowledge of the # of notarizations and $300.00 for a loan package. The whole idea is to minimize the money spent on SSs and notaries. I don't see how any SA would profit to make a living doing them as closings. GNW for on off's where you sign in and take a number of random documents, maybe? It's not a future for Signing Agents to make it on, sorry, jmo.
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