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A little history about them
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 9/15/23 9:02pm Msg #646784
I vaguely recalled reading about them having changed names a time or two in the past so I did a search here for Xome and found a bunch of info. They've apparently been a part of a series of acquisitions involving either that company itself, or its parent company. Seems that Avenue 365 used to be Trusted Signings. Another affiliate that either owned that company (or was owned by them) was Solutionstar - all of which, at some point, at least, were subsidiaries of Nationstar - which rebranded itself several years back as Mr. Cooper... At least this is what was once claimed by other people here in various posts that came up when I searched for Xome. (I never worked for any of them, as their fees were too low.)

I'm betting that takes many of you way down memory lane, as it did for me! Every now and again, it's kind of fun to search for something, then read old posts from years back and revisit the way things used to be... Wink It's also interesting to see some of the names of folks who used to be regular posters here, but now we no longer hear from at all. Quite a lot of people have moved on from this business for various reasons over the years!
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