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Re: Overstuffed penguin?
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 6/5/19 6:52pm Msg #72532
Yeah, The Donald never had much fashion sense. His suits don't fit well, his pants are too long, his ties are too long, he's also obese which doesn't help with the fit.

Speaking of his ties - he wears Italian ties, which require a different knot than the traditional half-Windsor that most American men are familiar with because the ties are longer. If your tie is hanging over your zipper as it does for Trump, you tied it wrong.

With a half-Windsor, you create a knot, wrap the tie around it once, and then push it through the knot to create a tie. With an italian tie, you create a knot, wrap the tie around it TWICE, and then push it through. That second wrap makes the difference between where the bottom of your tie should be and where Trump's usually is.

He has done reality shows, but he will never qualify for Project Runway...
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