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Re: Overstuffed penguin?
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 6/8/19 7:09pm Msg #72546
"Prior to becoming the greatest President since Lincoln, he owned more than a real estate business."

Prior to becoming President, he was a failed business owner who just happened to host a reality TV show. Six bankrupticies and a huge fraud known as Trump University- you consider that successful?

And "the greatest President since Lincoln"... Seriously? Greater than the Roosevelts? Greater than Eisenhower? Greater than Kennedy? Greater than Reagan? What the heck has Trump done to make him greater than any other President other than to pronounce himself so? What major legislation has he ushered through Congress other than the tax cut that made him and his friends richer? Border wall he promised that Mexico would pay for? Fail. Better healthcare than Obamacare he promised? Fail. Repairing our infrastructure as he promised? Fail.

So what exactly has Trump accomplished in his first term? Pissed off our allies, withdrrawn from treaties, undone almost everything the previous administration had acomplished - and to what end? Our position in the world is worse than it's ever been - NOBODY trusts us as an ally anymore. So what has he done to improve the US?

And for more evidence that the man is a total moron, see his tweet today in which he said that OUR moon is part of Mars. There's a thin line between denying science and just being stupid, and he just did a long jump over it.
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